Love: My New Scarf

So I have a few blogs I follow (of course) and one I especially love is called Buy Now Blog Later. Laura, the author, has a style that I really like and she wears a lot of classic items, that can be purchased from the designer brands or from the more affordable fashion retailers. A few weeks ago Laura posted about a gorgeous scarf she’d purchased from and Ebay shop called Daisy Elle. (She had initially seen this scarf on someone else’s blog, and so the story goes on…) It was very affordable and so I snapped one up. A week later it was in my mail box and a week after that the temperature in Melbourne dropped and I was able to wear it out and about.

I wore it with a simple black cardigan, jeans and with my hair down. It is so warm and as I wear a lot of pinks, it fits right into my wardrobe.

- So warm -

- A self-portrait -

If you missed my earlier post about ways to tie a scarf, please click here.

Where do you get your scarves from? Please tell…



8 thoughts on “Love: My New Scarf

  1. Such a beautiful scarf, thanks for sharing.

    I usually buy scarfs at Sportsgirl, H&M or I sometimes receive them as presents:) I would love to invest in an expensive scarf but would rather buy cheap and travel more X

  2. Most of my scarves have been gifts… my two faves are gifts from Dubai and Egypt… a little impractical for going out and purchasing I know, but I think I love them even more because of where they came from! I also have a great turquoise-y blue one that was from Target (oh la la!). x Ally

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