Love: Movie Review – Chronicle

A few weeks ago, I begrudgingly accompanied my husband to his choice of film (in exchange, I got an afternoon off to see a chick-flick with a girlfriend). I have done this a few times and I keep surprising myself as I actually find I am enjoying his choices. One I remember distinctly was the film District 9. I only went with him as it was his birthday and his choice of film. I set myself up in the cinema for a snooze as I thought it would be mega-crap, then I couldn’t avert my eyes. I even used it as a Year 12 film study the following year! Amazing!

- If you haven't seen this film...please do! -

Anyway, I digress.

This recent film, Chronicle, turned out to be quite interesting. It was far from a conventional Hollywood blockbuster – perhaps that’s what I liked about it. It starred Andrew Detmer, Matt Garetty and Steve Mongomery – ever heard of them? I don’t think so. Like District 9, it had elements from the science-fiction genre, as well as action and documentray-style.

- Chronicle -

- The three main characters -

It was filmed all using hand-held devices (I know this makes many people physically ill, but it wasn’t too bad). It also didn’t have any opening titles  – very unconventional. It threw me a little and I even leaned over to Husband to ask if we were in the correct cinema – we were. Phew. I assume this was all to to add to the ‘realism’ of the narrative.

It surrounded the lives of three high-school students who discover a ‘place’ that gives them these special powers. They use it for fun antics to begin with, but as they become more in-tune with their powers, one of them starts using it for personal gain. I won’t give away anymore as it would ruin the story.

- The place where they get their powers -

Although my heading states that I loved it, I didn’t really love it. I liked it though and would happily rate it a 6 out of 10. I thought it had a few over-the-top elements towards the end. Perhaps a good one for the home-cinema, DVD-style!

Here the trailer if you’re interested…

For people who have seen this film, what did you think? For people who haven’t, what have you heard?



10 thoughts on “Love: Movie Review – Chronicle

  1. Good work! I haven’t seen it, but am always up for something a little bit different. A word of advice though…. don’t tell hubby that you are liking these films, or you will lose your bargaining power!! 🙂
    I do recognise one of the actors from Parenthood – love that show! (ah let’s face it, I love a lot of shows! ha ha)

    • Hmmm….I don’t think I’d sit through it again! Only because (like we talked about just last week) time is too precious and there’s too many other great films on the too-see list!! Sorry! I’ll see something else with you though!! x

  2. I loved ‘District 9’. I even cried – you know which bit. I too only watched ‘District 9’ because the Husband suggested I watch it. Let’s face it … I’ll watch anything purely for the life experience. Even ‘Twilight’ – which I have not yet done. xo

  3. I haven’t seen it but I also do movie exchanges with my boyfriend and it works quite well:) In fact we are due at the movies soon (have a gift voucher) and we are trying to figure out what to see.

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