Love: Three Things

Three favourite things…


- Sticking very closely to the diet and exercise plan for one week -


- If you are watching this, you need NO explanation! -


- Giving and receiving compliments is so important...makes the world a better place -




What are your three favourite things this week?



14 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. ooh love Revenge, we have just watched episode 15 and can’t wait for the rest. My mum has downloaded them and is waiting for the next ones to air in America before downloading the remaining 7 episodes. Can’t wait.

  2. I like the free compliment. Think I might put something like this up in our staffroom. We often are so overloaded with the demands of teaching that a little compliment during the day will surely go a long way : )
    p.s never watched Revenge!!

    • @MissJo… we have a ‘Gratitude Board’ in our staffroom. You can write all your ‘thankyous’ anonymously (or you can sign them if you choose) to recognise all the things that we do for each other every day at school. From things like bringing a coffee, to photocopying extra sheets, to organizing a school event, to just listening to a whinge!
      It’s made a huge difference to our staffroom… it’s nice to have on display.
      P.S Never watched Revenge either, perhaps it’s on a netball night?

      • Love this Alley- so positive!! Be nice to have in the classroom too!! I might try something like this with a bunch of ‘interesting’ students I have this year. Get on board with Revenge Alley- you won’t look back x ( Monday night – netty night??)

  3. I love Revenge. It’s just so good.

    I have to say my three faves from last week was:
    1) Melbourne (no explanation required:))
    2) The waguy beef burger I had from room service on Friday, it was incredible.
    3) My ipad – it makes every flight a breeze.

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