Love: Mac Fix+ Review (Guest Writer – Mel)

Here’s another piece written by my very clever friend, Melissa Imbesi. She is very clever with all things beauty-related, so I have been bugging her to get writing about it. Finally, she listened, and I’m so, so glad.

- MAC Fix+ -

To call a beauty product a ‘must have’ I think it’s got to be something pretty special. There are so many competing products on the market now that most are pretty replaceable. Except for this. Enter, MAC Fix+.  Ah, if it weren’t for my husband, I could call this product the love of my life. Maybe I’ll call it the love of my make up bag.

For those who are unfamiliar, Fix+ is a ‘spritzing spray’ that is generally used to  finish your make up. But it is more. Oh, so much more. You know when you find the perfect foundation, but it just seems a little flat or powdery. Or, you have perfected your base and set it with powder (essential – this stops your makeup from shifting or slipping around) and it just looks too…….well, powdery. Close your eyes and spray. That’s it. Fix+ imparts a beautiful sheen to the skin and takes away any powdery-ness, but maintains the coverage of your foundation.

There are so many different uses for this little puppy – it can be used as a ‘mixing medium’ for shadows to turn them into liners, so basically any old eyeshadow can become your liner. Great for turning bright colours into a liquid liner to use when you are in the mood for a hint of colour, but don’t want to look like Cyndi Lauper circa 1985. A spritz of Fix+ mixed with the shadow and voila, no need to buy turquoise or purple liner. I have even used it in my hair. OK, this was accidental, but it really works. Whilst spraying this on my face, it ended up misting all over those really attractive frizzy baby hairs on my hair-line and you know what – those little bastards were tamed. So why not give your hair a quick spray while you’re at it? It really does work.

I’ve had my bottle for a year now and I use it ALL THE TIME. For $27, it won’t break the bank, but will leave your skin singing something along the lines of, “glory, glory hallelujah” and everyone asking why the hell you look so amazing. Your reply? Plenty of water and a balanced diet. They’ll never know the difference!

If you’ve tried this, what do you think of this product? If you haven’t tried it, are you tempted now?
Thank you Mel.

9 thoughts on “Love: Mac Fix+ Review (Guest Writer – Mel)

  1. Thanks Melissa, for a very entertaining and informative blog. It certainly sounds like a “must have”! Is it suitable for “more mature ” ladies (i.e. nannas)? Alison long ago put me onto MAC products and I especially love their foundation. I use a primer (husband calls it Poly Filler) underneath and that really helps too. I will certainly give this product a try and thanks again for the tip.

    Thanks Alison for inviting Melissa to be your Guest Writer today. xox

  2. Thanks Bobbie – from what I hear you are a bit of a hot nanna!! It’s definitely suitable for all skin types and because it’s hydrating, it’s fantastic for those with beautifully mature skin! I think it’s so great because it’s so versatile – one of those multi-tasking products. The primer is great too, it really helps with the application, finish and longevity of your foundation. Thank you for reading my long winded review and a big thank you to your beautiful girl for letting me write it. xo

  3. I love the sound of this – I am impressed. I do own a lot of spritzers (from Comvita, Dermalogica, Lush) and I just use them after I have gotten ready to stay fresh all day. Mac is iconic though so I will have to check it out x

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