Love: Neat, Organised Storage Spaces

I can only dream of being completely organised. I often wonder if I was completely organised, whether I would be left with nothing on my to-do list? This is another Pinterest picture that a very good friend, Jo, had re-pinned and it caught my eye…

- 1 -

And another one that I came across that I adore…

- 2 -

And if only I could have this one….

- 3 -




Are you happy with your storage solutions?



7 thoughts on “Love: Neat, Organised Storage Spaces

  1. Great blog al!
    I was never happy with my storage for all of my clothes, bags and accessories. I have spent years nagging andrew to re fit the walk in robe by spending $$$$ on making it a showroom.. Think carrie bradshaw!! Anyway, last month I did the biggest clean out ever known to man kind and have ended up with very few clothes, shoes and bags….now they fit perfectly in my already existing space and getting dressed is so much easier. My point.. I will get there… Is that neat, organized and ordered is the way to go. Be ruthless with what you want our need.
    I think I have a small opening on my second shelf for yet another bag now….. He he

  2. Yes, great blog Al.
    My only “storage” problem (like Brooke) is clothes. I have a mountain of clothes that fit me years ago and, in my own little dream world, will fit me again. Ha! I really must get back to reality and, as some fashionista on the telly says, “If you haven’t worn it in 12 months – get rid of it!!”. Sounds simple doesn’t it? If only………..

  3. I love the organised fabric space. Think I might have to re-invent this as best as I can in my new little sewing room, the only problem is that it won’t stay that way for long : P

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