Love: Non-Symmetrical Painted Fingernails

I recently purchased two OPI nail polishes. I have so many nail polishes that it seemed a bit ridiculous to buy any more, but I promised myself this would be the last for a while – and it has been. Anyway, the two colours are ‘My Chihuahua Bites’ and ‘Over the Taupe’. I adore them both, so decided to put them together. I have painted 8 of my fingernails with ‘Over the Taupe’ and on left hand ring-finger, and right had pointer-finger with ‘My Chihuahua Bites’ .

Initially I thought this was really stepping out of my comfort zone. For anyone that knows me, you would see how I would think this, as I am quite conservative and ordered in my approach to things. But I just loved the colours together and I loved that there wasn’t any symmetry to this design. I was surprised to get some comments from people. The first was from my dear friend Holly, who said she didn’t really like that the different coloured nail was on different fingers – lack of symmetry. I was then surprised to get a comment from my lovely Pump gym instructor, Zona in front of the entire class, that I had ‘different nail colours’ and that ‘they weren’t even on the same fingers and that I was ‘throwing her’.

So, am I wearing my nails like this to shock people? Or do I simply like how it looks? Maybe a bit of both.

- Out of my comfort zone -

What have you done lately that is out of your normal comfort zone?



4 thoughts on “Love: Non-Symmetrical Painted Fingernails

  1. Well I was told about these tight-fitting jeans from Katies that I REALLY don’t have the figure for. Not only that, but I was told that when I place my online order, I should ask for 1 size DOWN!!!!! Luckily I have great faith in the person who suggested them so I went ahead and ordered them. They are fantastic!! And, although to everyone else I probably look like a beached whale wrapped in Glad wrap, I feel really good in them and they are extremely comfortable. So much so, that I ordered another pair. 🙂 Definitely out of my normal comfort zone!
    P.S. Loving the blog Al!! xox

  2. I love this! Over the taupe is a fantastic colour and it’s an investment if anyone asks. I have done multi-coloured nails before and there is definitely fun with the surprise factor. I am currently wearing green nails and it’s completely out there but so fun. Good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s a hard thing to do and it’s easy to stay within our boundries. xx

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