Love: Fashion Friday Dress

I have been a bit stressed this week, with work and child and 12WBT, so I thought for Fashion Friday, I would simply like to share a beautiful dress that I spied whilst scooting around the World Wide Web.

It’s so elegant and stunning, yet so well-priced. It would suit many body shapes and be perfect for a wedding or an engagement party. What shoes to pair it with???

- Bronze Lace Dress -

Portmans Bronze Lace Dress in Bronze (129.95)

What are your thoughts?



13 thoughts on “Love: Fashion Friday Dress

  1. STUNNING! I would wear black platform pumps with it… or you could also go a bronzy strappy heel I think. But then what bag…? And jewelry? Just earrings maybe? Ohh the possibilities… x Ally

  2. Stunning Al!! Yes, I could see you in that. My first thought was to accessorize with a pop of colour, but I think Ally is right – go black and let the dress speak for itself!! Gorgeous!!
    Now, where would you wear it…………. x Mumma

  3. Feel like I haven’t been here for ages – perhaps I’m stressed too!! 🙂 I would go gold shoes with black nail polish on the toenails and fingernails. I’m a little obsessed with dark nail polish colours. Dark blue is all the rage here and that is what I have on my toes. xo

  4. Gorgeous dress- but I would go nude heels! They make your legs look longer and go with EVERYTHING! That’s going to be my next shoe investment……..and I think retro red nails and lips, because the dress has a bit of a 50’s vibe! I think you should get it and wear it when we catch up for dinner! xo

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