Sew: Vintage Patterns

I completely love second-hand vintage patterns. There’s something about the fact that they’ve been pre-loved and perhaps been the starting point of someone’s much-loved hand-made item of clothing. They’re usually already cut-out (a job I really dislike) and the styles of past eras are so much more beautiful than many modern designs. I also love the cover illustrations. Sometimes one will have a missing piece, but that’s the risk you take when buying them second-hand.

- A bit of the 80s -

- Some 90s? -

- 60s? or 70s? -

- 70s? -

- One for the bubbas -

Can you tell I’m totally guessing the era that they were made? I really don’t know and there aren’t any markings on them anywhere to confirm my estimations – just my (limited) knowledge of fashion-history.

The Savers stickers are carelessly placed, but I can’t really complain when I am buying them for anywhere between 20 cents and $1. I am unofficially collecting vintage patterns now – not sure I’ll ever get to making most of them, but I still love them.

Do you collect anything? Or is it a waste of time?



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