Love: Cutest Cake

If you’ve looked at my blog, you’ll notice that I have a link on the right hand side to Pinterest. Pinterest is a lovely visual website where you can browse, like and re-pin images that you love or that inspire you. I don’t get that much time to browse the beautiful images, but I often get links sent to me from my mum, who also loves the site. She recently sent me a link to this gorgeous cake, that I could only dream of making. I love it so much and I know many other people out there who will love it too – Ingrid. (Check out Ingrid’s blog if you LOVE makeup and beauty like I do). I have learnt so much and been inspired many times by Ingrid.

- So much time and effort -

It was published on cutestfood.comย 

What would your perfect birthday cake look like?



14 thoughts on “Love: Cutest Cake

  1. Wow – what a fantastic cake! I wouldn’t even know where to start!

    Thanks also for the link, you are too sweet. Also, very well done on your 12WBT success, I am impressed xx

  2. Awesome! But looks way too good to eat. My ideal cake is simple but tasty! Good looking cakes are great, but plain DELICIOUS ones are better! Mmmm cake…. x Ally

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