Sew: New Look 6723 Dress

I love flicking through patterns – I would be more than happy to spend all my spare hours (and my non-spare hours) doing this – it makes me unbelievably happy. When I came across this pattern, I knew I HAD to make it. It’s a classic style, that would suit many body-shapes and many fabrics.

- Pattern cover -

I also love checking out op-shops in search of lengths of good-quality, pretty fabrics. I love that feeling of ‘getting lucky’ (ha – don’t we all??) and coming across the PERFECT fabric for the PERFECT pattern. It doesn’t happen all that often – but recently it did.

This beautiful fabric cost me $3 in an op-shop and it was BRAND NEW. Someone had obviously bought it, but never found a use for it. The pattern was relatively easy to make and I would have taken a photo for you with me wearing it, but I cut out and stitched a size 14 and the time it took me to finish it (I often work in small bursts due to small child) I was closer to a size 12 (which is great news for me, but not for my size 14 dress). This is why you have a photo of my new dress on my dress-making form rather than on me – sorry.

- My beautiful dress that doesn't fit me -

I still love it though. I’mย just not sure I have the energy to un-stitch it all and re-size it – maybe next summer? Although, it could be good for layering with a long-sleeve top, tights and boots for winter.

- A simple belt to hold it all in at the waist -

I had to search high and low for this little belt buckle. In the end I bought one from a Sydney-based Etsy store – Melissa Tan Australia. This shop sells vintage and recycled fabrics and materials. I bought five of these for a small amount of money – great value.

So overall, apart from the dress not fitting me properly (yet?!) I am very happy with the final product – including my ability to insert a zip (this skill has taken me a LONG time to get, even close, to getting right).

Have you ever made anything that has taken you so long to make, that by the time you finished it, it was too big or small for you?



9 thoughts on “Sew: New Look 6723 Dress

  1. Gorgeous dress! So excited it doesn’t fit cos that means you are shrinking. You must un pick it and re size… I have quite a few belts and buckles that I have only just sent off to the op shop… You should ask around as I could have given you a few to choose from!
    Love the fabric…. Would look great with red lipstick!

  2. Love love love the dress! You should start taking orders and I will be your first customer. So want a sewing machine and learn how to sew, but not sure where I will get the time!

  3. Well done Al, I have this pattern too ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me teach you to herringbone stitch the hem so it sits nice and flat ๐Ÿ™‚

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