Love & Bake: Kikki. K Stationery

I am a huge fan of stationery. I have WAY too many sticky notes and pens and notebooks, but I just can’t stop buying them. I have recently discovered some new stationery items at Kikki. K that allow me to be more organised in my cooking adventures. The first one is a weekly meals planner. It has spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I also use it to plan other elements of each day, as I am now juggling part time work, with being a mum, and now blogging daily.

- Weekly Meals Planner -

The other items that I have fallen in love with are the sticky notes for your cook books. They are categorised so that you can refer back to recipes quickly, which time later on. They come in a few different styles.

- Love tagging recipes -

- Specifically for meals -

What things do you use to organise your day? Week? Month?



5 thoughts on “Love & Bake: Kikki. K Stationery

  1. HaHa, I have both Kiki K items and love them. I am terrible with the meal planning but I must get to it soon. I have actually stopped going in to Kiki K because they have so much beautiful stuff and I never leave empty handed xx

  2. I use my meal planner to organise myself before going grocery shopping. Usually it just has the dinner and snack categories filled out, as our breakfasts and lunches are pretty standard in a working week. I’m liking the idea of the sticky notes for my cookbooks, I think I will have to invest in these. x Ally

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