Love: Chanel Lip Gloss

So I’ve never owned anything from Chanel until my recent purchase of this beautiful lip gloss. I’m not into big brand names, nor am I materialistic. However, this item has definitely captured my attention. I had read in many reviews and heard from many friends that Chanel lip products are beautiful, but I never took the plunge and bought one as I thought they were a tad expensive. In hindsight, I realise they aren’t that expensive, but I guess when you get something in your head….

So, I bought one as an early birthday present to myself (birthday’s in May). It is the Aqualumiere Gloss – High Shine Sheer Concentrate in # 68 Candy Glow. And it is divine! The texture of the gloss is so smooth and silky and glossy. I even love the smoothness of the canister. I quite like the cheekiness of this colour, as it’s a subtle, yet has coral tint.

- Happy Birthday to ME! -

What is your favourite lip gloss?



6 thoughts on “Love: Chanel Lip Gloss

  1. My have is Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer! This is what was used on me for my wedding, and I purchased some at the time so I could reapply on the big day. I use it over the top of my lipstick for work or nights out, and on its own at other times. I recently went to purchase more and discovered my shade is no longer available though… may have to look at something else as a replacement. Chanel maybe? x Ally

  2. Got to love chanel!
    I have many lip glosses and as you know by fast my favorites are my chanel ones! Massive fan of the eye shadow too… Not to mention the bags.. good choice al! Beautiful color

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