Sew: My Sewing Machine

I purchased my sewing machine about three years ago. I was a novice sewer at the time and needed something basic, yet reliable. I have some friends who recommended Janome as a brand and so that’s what I went with. I think that sewing is commonly seen as an ‘older’ ladies’ pass-time, which is a shame, because it’s such a great a skill to have as it’s creative, it’s practical and it’s fun.

The lady in the sewing shop immediately recommended I start with the Janome MS5027 Limited Edition (Pink Ribbon) machine, as it’s a basic, simple and reliable machine.

My Machine

I has been nothing but reliable and easy to use. It comes with a very easy-to-read manual, that has answered all my questions along the way. It has quite a few extra sewing feet for things like zips, button-holes and quilting. The thing that I love the most, is that it has arrows on the machine, to show you how to thread and re-thread, making it super-easy (and quick) to do.

I may have to upgrade in a year or so, as I outgrow the simple features and as my skills have improved.

What machine do you use? What brands do you prefer?



4 thoughts on “Sew: My Sewing Machine

  1. Janome are high quality machines. I have a Janome 350e Embroidery machine, a Singer sewing machine which I inherited from my Mama Bear (it’s about 30 yrs old and still going!) I also have a basic overlocker which was donated to me – brand new in box! I love my machines, just need more time to use them. Embroidery is my favourite one.

  2. Thank Al, you have just about convinced me that I need to invest in a new machine. My one from high school (year 10) – yes it was old, died about 2 years ago and has yet to be replaced. I have a loaner from a friend that I really should return so maybe for Mothers Day??????

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