Love: Evie’s New Toy Boxes

Over the past year our house hold has accumulated many children’s toys, both educational and fun. I love the Evie has so many things to keep her brain growing and creativity thriving, but I also love when they are put away at the end of each day and we pretend (for 12 hours at least) that we don’t have a zillion books, toys, balls, crayons, blocks, dollies and teddy bears in our small home.

I also found recently that I had a lot of boxes lying around my sewing room – I would put this down to the increase in internet purchases of late (shhh….don’t tell Husband). I hate just throwing them out, so I pondered about their future until I came to the realisation that they could be more useful than just shipping lip gloss, perfumes and fashions into my house from across the world.

- Do these boxes have a future that doesn't involve the recycle bin? -

I rummaged around and found some wrapping paper and some scrap booking sheets and covered the boxes to turn them into Evie’s new toy boxes.

- Simple but cute -

They are very girly, but you could do the same with boy-ish paper. The next phase was to personalise them, so that Evie know’s they are hers.

- Personalised -

Simple, cheap, quick and practical – gotta love practical!

How do you re-use useless items such as cardboard boxes?



One thought on “Love: Evie’s New Toy Boxes

  1. These boxes are beautifully decorated and your ideas are simple yet effective. I’m a hoarder of boxes and glass jars, and will definitely take your decorative ideas on board so they can be used and look pretty at the same time : )

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