Love: Writing in my Journal

Near the end of 2011 I purchased a beautiful diary from Officeworks. I saw it on the self, it was the last one there and I instantly fell in love with it. Even though I felt poor at the time and I knew I shouldn’t really be spending money on items such as these, I had to have it!

- The cover attracted me -

Most of the world has become digital and there was something about this diary’s cover and page-to-a-view that struck me. It also has a daily inspirational quote which is a nice addition. At the time I didn’t know what to do with it, as I use my Iphone for my calendar and appointments, and I use a Teacher’s Chronicle for my ‘real job’ of teaching. I deliberated over how to utilise it and as the beginning of 2012 approached I started (and completed) my 34-list (this is for another day) in the back pages of the diary. Then when the 1st of January arrived I just started writing in it every day. I knew I couldn’t commit to a long daily journal entry, so I decided that I would list one positive, one negative and one interesting for the day.

- Daily entry -

I love the feeling of getting the worst and the best thing out on paper for the day. It’s like if it’s bothering me, I can file it away and if I need a little cheering up, it’s nice to know that there are definitely daily positive events.
Do you write in a journal? Are you all-digital or do you love paper products?

7 thoughts on “Love: Writing in my Journal

  1. I love this idea of writing the positive, negative and interesting into a journal on a daily basis. Often when we do keep journals we write about hard and sad times. It’s important to also look at the happy aspects of our lives because there are so many. It is truly a gift to live a life. xo

  2. We have been working with a psychologist at school on a relatively new field of psych called Positive Psychology. It’s all about allowing people to thrive and flourish by not just ‘curing’ what’s wrong with them, but helping them find their character strengths (everyone has 24 strengths, some more prominent than others) and creating positive emotion in people’s lives. One of the very first things this psych suggested we all do is at the end of the day think about ‘WWW’ – What Went Well. Three things that went well that day. Clears the mind of the rubbish and worry that generally floats around your head at night before sleep and allows the good things we tend to forget we have to come to the surface!
    And yes, I too am a sucker for beautiful stationary of any kind! Ally x

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