Love: Happy Valentines Day ♥

I am not usually a Valentines Day fan as I believe it is very commercial and if you really love someone, I think you should just tell them EVERY day, not just Valentines Day. But this year I have decided to get on board a little and share some beautiful images that I think are very ‘Valentines Day-ish’.

I love making hand-made cards. They are so personal and you aren’t buying into the commercialism of special occasions. This one is for the love of my life…

- Home made LOVE -

I have never received a heart-shaped box of yummy chocolates, but I can always dream that one-day it may happen (even though I am doing the 12WBT and technically I couldn’t really eat them…well….maybe one….) Hint hint Husband.

- Yum -

Another image that reminds me of Valentines Day is that of flowers. I adore yellow roses and so these are the flowers I chose for my wedding day. Yellow roses always make me happy and they always make me smile.

- Yellow Roses -

Lastly, I am a sucker for a cheesy love song. I haven’t seen Twilight, but am tempted after seeing this video clip and more importantly, hearing this song. I just LOVE it and I may get picked on for it, but it’s worth it.

What are your favourite images of Valentines Day? Doing anything special?



7 thoughts on “Love: Happy Valentines Day ♥

  1. Happy Valentines Day. The wedding picture is gorgeous. Homemade cards are beautiful and I’d say they are more appreciated than the store bought ones. My boyfriend surprised me at 5.30 this morning with pancakes, roses and a card. I was completely floored.

    Hope you have a lovely day xx

    • Happy Valentines Day to you too! You are a lucky girl with your early morning gifts – what a sweetie! I got a box of chocolates, that I can’t really eat due to my 12WBT….oh well…one every few days….x

  2. I agree that it has become ridiculously commercial, however would NEVER object to receiving a pressie or two! One of my students this morning presented me with a bunch of purple flowers from her and her mother, ‘just because’… it was very sweet and made me smile. I think Valentine’s Day is just about showing people that you care, not necessarily just your boyfriend, partner, husband, wife. Tonight I have prepared a special dessert as our Valentine’s treat! Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

  3. My favourite image for this Valentine’s Day was picking up GN1 from school. She had made me a tissue box out of hearts, a card, and there were red hearts painted on her cheeks. She sees it as a day to tell all those that we love that we care for them. Much like Alley too, I think this is the special way to look at Valentine’s Day. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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