Love: All my Blog Comments

Hello! Thank you so much to all those lovely people that are making comments on my blog site. It is such a buzz to discover that you are reading this. I am really enjoying the blogging and I hope you’ll all stay with me as I continue along sewing and baking and loving.

What things would you like to be reading about on my blog?



4 thoughts on “Love: All my Blog Comments

  1. What I love to hear about, are things that I don’t already know about… therefore I can’t really give you inspiration about what to write – because I don’t know what they are yet… does that make any sense?? Anyway, I’m loving the blog, continue on the same path and I’m sure you will keep all followers interested 🙂

  2. I’m always inspired by organisation tips, particularly ‘storage solutions’ and I also love menu planning advice and recipes for left overs etc. I’m always on the look out for good books to read (when I have the time!) so if you have any book recommendations, would love to hear about that too. Keep up the good work, am enjoying all your posts so far x

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