Love: I Wish I Had the Legs For…

I am always finding clothes that I love, but many of them I just feel I couldn’t wear. There are many reasons as to why I wouldn’t wear them and I won’t go in to all of them, but one is definitely my legs. I have never been comfortable with the shape or size of my legs. I have always had trouble finding calf boots that fit and was over the moon when a friend recommended Duo Boots, which is a UK based company, but they ship all over the world. I have two pairs from there now and they haven’t cost me any more than buying here would have. They tailor-make the boots to fit your measurements and they have a HUGE range. I also would never wear shorts this short, but a girl can dream and admire lovely fashion.

If only....

1. Country Road Zip Detail Biker Jacket (199.00)

2. French Connection Carly Knits in Jodhpur (79.95)

3. Sportsgirl Deco Stone Collar Necklace in Multi (29.95)

4. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Shimmering Plum (12.95)

5. Forever New Noosa Roll Up Coloured Short in Blue (49.99)

6. Sussan Loop Detail bag in Mink (69.95)

7. Wittner Sincity Boots in Tan Leather (199.95)

What fashion do you love that you simply wouldn’t wear?



19 thoughts on “Love: I Wish I Had the Legs For…

  1. Love that necklace!! Unfortunately, due to genetics, you have inherited the “Woolley” legs. Sorry sweetie, but I totally understand. I hate my legs too!! But you still look great in most other stuff!! xox

  2. The necklace looks fab. I don’t have legs for this either thanks to my lovely nan passing on the big and short leg gene but it’s okay, we can’t do anything about it xx

  3. Love your style AND you have a GREAT pair of pins! It’s all about confidence, you’re a yummy mummy with style, intelligence and great taste. I have that lip gloss and just love the boots. xx

  4. Oh Alison, the legs, the LEGS!!! I so understand and relate to this! My problem (the main one, among many such as cellulite and poor tone) is the KNEES! My knees are fat- they bulge out on the sides, which makes my whole leg appear shapeless and sort of tree trunkish. In addition, my actual knee cap is covered in flesh ( sounds better than fat, yes?) so you can’t actually see a knee, just a blob of, well, fat!! Like you, I love the leg revealing fashions, especially tailored shorts with high heels, but I just can’t wear them. I often find a perfect dress if I am shopping, but length is constantly a problem………unless I am able to wear tights. This is the one exception. And they must be thick. Really thick. Like 2000 denier. I’ve found if I wear a short, black dress, black tights and HIGH black shoes, this can really minimize the elephantitis of the knees and I actually feel pretty comfortable. Although I have complained and vented, I guess we should really be thankful that we actually have legs to walk on and the extra bulk probably makes them stronger for all the running around, bending down and lifting we have to do.
    I love the warm weather, but I gotta say, I a really looking forward to the cooler months, where tights rule and therefore, I can feel a little more hip than usual. And who says you can’t wear tights under tailored shorts anyway? So I will be whole heartedly embracing winter and taking the time to improve the ugly (but functional) legs that God gave me. Next up will be the arms……….

    • You’re hilarious Mel! I love that there’s someone else out there with my issues!!! But you’re dead right- we need to focus on the positives…good, strong legs!!! How lucky we are x

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