Love: My Travalo

I am a huge fan of Zoe Foster. She is an author, a blogger and a general beauty expert. She is also engaged to Hamish Blake, but this doesn’t identify her, it’s just a bit of goss! Her writing style is hilarious with her witty jokes and her ability to laugh at herself. Anyway, I digress, all I wanted to say about her is that I love her book, Amazing Face, as it holds so many great tips. One of many that I LOVE is the introduction to the product called a Travalo. This is a small, refillable atomiser perfume bottle. It allows you to carry up to 50 pumps of your favourite perfume around with you all day.

- Comes in four HOT colours! -

I simply LOVE mine and use it a few times a day –  avoiding the stink! I bought mine on ebay – here.

What is your portable perfume solution?



2 thoughts on “Love: My Travalo

  1. I have the gold Travalo and I wonder what we did before it?=)

    I also sometimes just bring perfume samples in my handbag because I have so many and I may as well use them on the go xx

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