Baby Bake: Chicken & Apple Balls

I have a 16 month old daughter and her eating habits are all over to place, to say the least. I am continually trying to find new, interesting and healthy ways to feed her. Some days she sits up in her high chair and eats EVERYTHING I put in front of her. Other days she refuses to eat ANYTHING – even if I’ve spent the past hour preparing it. She seems to be into things that have a lot more flavour these days and Annabel Karmel’s recipes never fail in that area.

- This has been very useful -

I recently made the chicken and apple balls that Evie can pick up with her hands, poke, squash and finally pop into her mouth. They are very tasty (I had to road test a few) thanks to the herbs, chicken stock and grated apple. I served them with some steamed vegetable sticks and a little home-made tomato sauce.

- The chicken mixture. Not so appetising now -

- Shallow fry -

- The final balls. Yum! -

What healthy, yummy food do you go out of your way to cook?



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