Sew: Mini Pram Quilt

I have recently had the urge to make a quilt. I decided a full-size quilt was way too difficult initially,  so I made a baby quilt for my daughter’s dolly-pram. I was inspired by a wonderful blog called Craftiness is Not Optional where the author, Jess, published a circle quilt tutorial. Jess and her blog continue to inspire me, and I’m sure you’ll see other sewing projects that she has taught me to do via her online tutorials.

I wanted to use many lots of colours and I had a lot of children’s fabric lying around from the many bibs I had been making (more on those another day).

- My first small quilt -

- Dolly tucked into her pram -

Thank you Jess, for your inspiration.

Who or what inspires you?



10 thoughts on “Sew: Mini Pram Quilt

  1. It’s beautiful. My mum has made me many quilts and every time I go home I bring her Australian quilting magazines. She also loves it when I send her fabric from Australia so that she can make more quits. Other people have an office, she has a sowing/quilting room…:)


  2. I love this! A perfect way to recycle fabric pieces and very practical for dolly. You’re also an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing this, now I just need to find the time to make a dolly quilt : )

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