Too Hot to Bake: Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

Melbourne’s heat wave has made it impossible to turn on the oven, so I have decided to share some general cooking that I’ve been doing. We visited the Victoria Markets the other day and every time I go to the market I love to buy fresh herbs so that I can make Vietnamese rice paper rolls. I have a dear friend who has taught me a few pointers about making rice paper rolls and I am forever grateful. She uses specific a rice paper brand, which can only be purchased from a Vietnamese supermarket. This is the brand she recommends…

- Best brand to use -

The other ingredients are totally up to you. I poach some chicken tenderloins in some water for a few minutes, then shred them and that makes a great addition. I also finely chop cucumber, carrot, spring onion and also mint, coriander and vietnamese mint. Rice paper rolls also need to have vermicelli rice noodles to pad them out. I chop all my ingredients and tub them, so that I can continue to make them over the next few days, without all the extra chopping.

- tub the ingredients for future use -

My friend also taught me about a yummy dipping sauce that includes hoisin sauce, sweet chilli sauce and tomato sauce, with a little water added to thin it out. YUM! They are surprisingly filling and oh so good for you.

- So good for you -

What do you like to make that tastes yummy and makes you feel healthy?



7 thoughts on “Too Hot to Bake: Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

  1. Kitty and I tried these today. YUM. I devoured mine, while Kitty pretty much ate the middle out and left lots to clean up – but hey she gave em a go!

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