Love: Cutex Nail Polish

Everybody’s always raving about top-end nail polishes, like OPI, Essie and Chanel. Sure, they’re great quality and lasting polishes, with a great colour-range, but I believe I’ve found a nail polish brand that almost meets their standard, and you can buy it a the supermarket. They’re not trendy, they have a fairly limited colour range and you do purchase them in a packet. But, I think, they represent excellent value when you can purchase a bottle for between $7 and $8.

- Left: Flamingo Dash & Right: Red Alert! -

My gorgeous sister-in-law bought me my first Cutex nail polish, as part of a Christmas present, a few years ago. As soon as I started applying it, I knew I was in love. All cutex nail polishes have a wider brush, so your coverage is better and takes less time to do. I’ve since purchased two more bottles, and more recently, a hot red one (Red Alert) for the Christmas period, and have fallen deeper in love with this brand. This colour is ADORABLE! And it has lasted longer than any of my other polishes, including some OPIs. Highly recommend and truly LOVE!

- Cutex: Red Alert! -

Have you come across a product that is cheaper, but works better for you?


8 thoughts on “Love: Cutex Nail Polish

  1. I always love a bargain beauty purchase. Think I’ll pop a bottle of ‘Red Alert’ in the trolley next time I buy my groceries. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Al – this must be karma! Your grandmother (Beryl) worked in the office of Cheseborough Ponds in Clayton (Vic) for many years. They were the original producers of the Cutex brand! We loved it because she was always bringing home samples of the different products they produced. I’m sure, if she were still with us, she would be very happy you approve of Cutex. 🙂

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