Love: A Saturday morning gym session

I love exercising – most of the time. I certainly go through phases where I lack motivation, but if I don’t get out there and just do it, I pay for it later with my cranky moods and a general low feeling. I especially love getting to the gym on a Saturday morning. It’s such a great way to start the weekend and means you can be a bit naughty for the rest of the weekend.

What exercise do you love? What motivates you to get out and exercise?


10 thoughts on “Love: A Saturday morning gym session

  1. There are three key ways to motivate me to exercise:
    1. Netball – With a team sport you can’t just decide you don’t feel like going, you’re letting down the rest of the team!
    2. Walking/jogging with Mel (or someone else!) – It’s social! If I can exercise WHILE catching up on the goss, I’m happy.
    3. Step/dance classes – It’s fun! Great music and fun moves make it so much easier to get into!
    Ally x

  2. I don’t think I have any motivation apart from not wanting to disappoint my trainer. If there wasn’t someone there to push me I would probably happily do nothing. I do agree that exercise makes you feel great and I am always happy I’ve done it when I do. Apparently, (according to Michelle Bridges) being motivated is not the key. So what is? Do you get value for money out of your gym membership Al?

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