Bake & Love: Australia Day Lamingtons!

Today I have awoken early, and as my baby and husband continue to sleep-in, I am already baking lamingtons to celebrate today, on Australia Day. We are attending a BBQ in a local park with friends, and it looks like the sun will be shining – bonus! I couldn’t think of a more Australian dessert to share with friends today (even though many of them are Kiwis).

Once again, I used my trusty “Cooking: A Common Sense Guide” to bake these lamingtons.

- My Trusty Cookbook -

- Before Mixing -

- After Mixing -

- Ready for the oven -

The kitchen (and whole house) is filling with the smell of baking lamington sponge as I type. I will upload photos of the final product later.

I hope you all have a fantastic, enjoyable and relaxing Australia Day!

- Australia Day Tattoo -

How will you be celebrating Australia Day?

And this is how they turned out…..delish!

- The Final Product -


6 thoughts on “Bake & Love: Australia Day Lamingtons!

  1. Yum… I’ll be celebrating with you my love and eating these delicious lamingtons!
    Shan, can’t believe you will eat snags! You must be homesick! Xo

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