Sew: Dapper Day Bag

I recently borrowed a look from my local library that inspired me to sew myself a bag. The book, ‘Sew Liberated’, by Meg McElwee includes many practical sewing projects with easy-to-follow instructions. Meg McElwee also has her own blog site that includes projects, downloadable patterns and beautiful photography to entertain and inspire. The blog site is also titled ‘Sew Liberated‘.

The project I started with was The Dapper Day Bag. This is a photo of Meg McElwee’s version, as printed in her book.

- Sew Liberated Dapper Day Bag -

Here are some photos of my final product…

- My Dapper Day Bag -

I bought some light-weight furnishing fabric from Spotlight for the outside and some faux quilted fabric for the lining. The cording was also made by covering some thick string with fabric that matched my lining colours.

- Dapper Day Bag: A Closer Look -

I have had numerous compliments on my bag. When I tell people I made it myself, they seem amazed. It is the perfect size (when I am baby-free), but I may even make a bigger version, for when I have to carry nappies and wipes and all the other things you need when you’re out and about with Bubba.

- Applique Birdie -

Have you ever made anything that you just LOVE?


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