Love: Batiste Dry Shampoo

For as long as I can remember I have been someone who has washed their hair every day. Every hairdresser I spoke to and many friends would gasp at the idea of daily hair washing. Since having my bub, I have found that time is at a premium and that daily hair washing soon became every-second-day washing and more recently, with the amazing product, dry shampoo, has become every-third-day washing. My mum tells me there were powder products similar to this around when she was younger, but I think the emergence of these spray dry-shampoos is fairly recent. There are certainly more brands now, that are making this product. I have tried a few (certainly not all) and found that Batiste is the best for my hair. I spray it into the roots of my hair (turning it white and ageing me ten years), wait five minutes, then brush it through, to disperse it (back to my original colour). Batiste also make a product for brunettes, which I have tried, but it leaves brown dye around the top of my scalp, which I do not like.

This is what the packaging looks like - a small travel-size and the standard

What beauty products do you use to save you time?


2 thoughts on “Love: Batiste Dry Shampoo

  1. I too love Batiste but the brunette one actually works really well for me. But I can get away with either. I used to be an every other day hairwasher but now I am doing it 2-3 times a week because of dry shampoo and I am also using an amazing shampoo + conditioner combo from Kevin Murphy which doesn’t have any sulphates so the silicone doesn’t build up. I apologise for the long sentence;)

    Hope you are getting your tattoos ready for Thursday XX

  2. I am a daily washer and don’t want to ever not wash my hair everyday but I do use and love this product. Perfect for the midday fringe that is starting to look limp and oily. Good for the gym bag too..

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