Bake: Coconut Jam Slice

Whilst staying with my mum, I was asked to make a sweet treat for a get-together she was attending. The guidelines were simple…something sweet, something that was easy to eat (not messy) and something that would satisfy the tastes of the ‘older generation’. I looked through many of her ‘old school; cook books and came across this recipe, (scroll down) that met all the requirements. It is in the book ‘Cooking: A Common Sense Guide’. This is a fantastic cook book that has so many recipes – from a beautiful minestrone soup, to gingerbread men. I have a copy of this cook-book at home and it is definitely one of my cook book favourites.

Here are a few photos from the bake-off…

- The Original Recipe in the book -

- The base before it was baked -

- Just out of the oven -

- The finished slice - YUM! -

What are your favourite ‘old-school’ recipes?


10 thoughts on “Bake: Coconut Jam Slice

  1. This looks yummy!

    My favorite old school recipes come from my Norwegian ancestors. They were pretty good with sweets, like Sunbuckles. Yum!

  2. Hi Alison! Well, you inspired me. After reading your blog this morning, I dragged out the “Commonsense” book again and looked for something to make for lunch. I had everything I needed for the “Salmon and Spring Onion Quiche” (p. 218). Just taken it out of the oven – it looks terrific! Thanks for the inspiration – keep it coming!!

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