Love: Red and Grey

I love checking out different outfits and trying to mix and match colours. I also love using Photoshop. So I put the two together and decided to play around with some pieces that are accessible, stylish and comfy. These items are from stores that we have right here in Melbourne, but can also be purchased online. I have also included items than aren’t too expensive and could be enjoyed by many of us who are on the average wage. I think this outfit could be worn out for lunch, to a bar for early evening drinkies and also to a birthday dinner at a restaurant.

- Love everything in this outfit -

1. Sportsgirl Josie Pussy Bow Blouse ($79.95)

2. Portmans Ticking Stripe Blazer ($129.95)

3. Portmans Snake Bar Clasp Hard Case ($19.95)

4. OPI Colour So Hot It Berns ($19.95)

5. Esprit Criss Cross Aviator ($49)

6. Esprit Five Slim Fit Jeans ($48.99)

7. Diana Ferrari Peeper Shoe ($99.95)

What are your fashion faves at the moment?


7 thoughts on “Love: Red and Grey

  1. This is a great outfit. The red nailpolish is pulling it all together of course:)

    After my NZ trip I became very concious of the fact that I wear stripes a lot so I am now trying not to buy clothes with stripes although I love them because I need to branch out. I am now trying to just wear lots of colour. I bought this dress the other day and I love it. Now I just need an occassion to wear it X

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