Love: My Morning ‘holiday’ Walk

I’ve been holidaying at my mum’s house in Dalmeny, which is on NSW’s beautiful south coast. Every morning, my daughter and I, have been for a walk along the beautiful coast-line. Each morning I am amazed at the beauty of my surroundings and this morning I decided to document my walk with photographs. The camera really doesn’t do them justice.

Overlooking Josh's Beach.

It's a bit choppy out there today.

Yabbara Beach - great day for surfers.

A beautiful flower - not sure what it's called.

I want to remember these beautiful places when I’m back in the thick of work and childcare and traffic and city-life.

What images do you have that get you through the daily grind?


6 thoughts on “Love: My Morning ‘holiday’ Walk

  1. These are beautiful. You’ve made and saved some wonderful memories here.

    The images I save are mostly coastal scenes; the beaches of Lake Michigan, or Lake Superior….although I have many, many, many images of Chicago that always make me happy and help me get through my day. The memories mean the world to me and motivate me.

    Thank you for a wonderful post.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Just trying to get my new blog off the ground, so it’s very exciting to have some support from the other side of the world.
      Will be checking out your blog from now on too…

  2. At the moment, mental images of home. Even though it’s the ugliest house in the street, I miss my familiar surroundings. Since I have no photographs, the mental images are strong. Sometimes I go to sleep at night and walk myself through my house. Love your new blog.

  3. Wow!! That view is absolutely amazing! It’s too bad that photographs can never truly capture the beauty that we see with our eyes. I find myself trying to burn it into my memory, because I’ve all but given up taking photos of the hills (mini mountains) near my home. They just look dull through the camera lens.
    I’m following your blog now and excited to see [and taste] what wonderful things you come up with next. 🙂

  4. Stunning pictures and I am glad you’re enjoying your holiday. I have a photo book at work with photos from my holiday in May, lots of photos on my phone and computer of my family and the places I have been. What really helps me get through the daily grind is actually wine on the days I need it and extra sleep on the days I need that. So far it’s working X

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