Bake: Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins

To welcome Spring into our lives, today we enjoyed our weekly Mother’s Group get-together in the park. It was so lovely to “sit” with our (very mobile) babies and chat about the week’s events. I made Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins. I omitted the white chocolate, as my cupboard was lacking any white chocolate morsels, so I just used the frozen raspberries that I always have in my freezer (that reminds me, I need to put them on my shopping list – I can’t bare to be without them).

– The love of my life; My Kitchen Aide

– Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins; from her latest cook-book ‘Fast, Fresh, Simple’

To make them look more ‘muffin-like’ I just cut out small squares of baking paper and lined the muffin tin prior to spooning in the mixture. They were a real hit – with the mothers, the babies and even the husband who devoured the final two that I brought home.


4 thoughts on “Bake: Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins

  1. I always have raspberries in my freezer too! Your blog is so gorgeous, I am really enjoying it.

    I would love a Kitchen Aide but at the moment I don’t know if I will stay in Australia or go home and since I have accumulated so much stuff already I don’t want to buy it now and then have to bring it home. It is definitely on my ultimate wishlist and I do know how amazing it is X

  2. I can concur, the muffins were delicious. We love it when you bake! Love the blog although it makes me wonder where you find the time! See you tonight.

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